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Tips: Organic Garden Pest Control

Tips: Organic Garden Pest Control is a result of growing vegetables in the warm Delta California region for a number of years. I’ve found two simple things that are working for me to control aphids and caterpillars. Read more

Tips: Easy Aphid Control Tower Gardens

Here are my Tips: Easy Aphid Control Tower Gardens. My tower gardens have been in service for three years now and there are only two recurring pest problems I have experienced. Read more

Tower Garden® — when to start new plants

People often ask me— with a Tower Garden® how often do you need to start new plants. The length of time a plant continues producing depends on the particular variety. My experience has been that Grand Rapids lettuce when grown in the winter months produces for four to five months. When warmer weather arrives the plant begin to bolt and needs to be replaced. Other varieties did not produce quite as long. Read more

Watering Veggie Gardens in Dirt

With a vertical tower garden, you don’t have to worry about watering enough or too much. With a tower garden, another worry is eliminated —keeping up with the weeds. This brings a lot of freedom and enjoyment creating easy  gardening.

Now that the drought is official, it’s time to seriously consider water-saving techniques for our gardens. Here are a few tips for saving water in traditional dirt gardens. Read more

Gwen’s tower garden photo gallery 2013

Gwen’s tower garden photo gallery 2013 showing various stages of growth.

1st pea of 2013 seasonPOST

First peas of 2013.

1st red tomato 2013POST

First red tomato of 2013.












Read more

Gwen’s tower garden photo gallery 2012


Gwen’s tower garden 2012 — photos through the season with varying plant maturity.

akary and rootsSMchard 10-6-12SM











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5 Tips to Help You Grow Veggies in Droughts

With the drought continuing in California, here are 5 tips to help you grow veggies in droughts and minimize water use. Read more

Tomatoes Harvested from Tower Garden in December!

We had a very productive 2013 season with our tower gardens. Read more

Gwen O’Neill’s Vertical Garden: Spring 2013

Gardening involves endless cycles — in Gwen O’Neill’s vertical garden, too much rain, not enough rain — too much sun, not enough sun — one crop finishing up, planning ahead to be ready with new plants. Read more

Green and purple beans almost ready for the tower!

Spring is in the air and the green and purple beans are almost ready for the tower! As the days are getting longer, people are dreaming of sweet, vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh cucumbers. Picking a few stalks of parsley without losing the rest of the bunch as it lays unused in the refrigerator, is a benefit of growing veggies with a vertical garden. Read more