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Posts from the ‘Gwen’s Growth Diary’ Category

Tower Garden® — when to start new plants

People often ask me— with a Tower Garden® how often do you need to start new plants. The length of time a plant continues producing depends on the particular variety. My experience has been that Grand Rapids lettuce when grown in the winter months produces for four to five months. When warmer weather arrives the plant begin to bolt and needs to be replaced. Other varieties did not produce quite as long. Read more

Tomatoes Harvested from Tower Garden in December!

We had a very productive 2013 season with our tower gardens. Read more

Gwen O’Neill’s Vertical Garden: Spring 2013

Gardening involves endless cycles — in Gwen O’Neill’s vertical garden, too much rain, not enough rain — too much sun, not enough sun — one crop finishing up, planning ahead to be ready with new plants. Read more

Green and purple beans almost ready for the tower!

Spring is in the air and the green and purple beans are almost ready for the tower! As the days are getting longer, people are dreaming of sweet, vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh cucumbers. Picking a few stalks of parsley without losing the rest of the bunch as it lays unused in the refrigerator, is a benefit of growing veggies with a vertical garden. Read more

Tower Garden and Healthy Roots

One of my new distributors was so excited that I thought I would share with you. She said, “I had to move it because it’s a heavy one and it was already drooping…but I was shocked to see how long the roots are!”

Read more

Cucumbers in My Tower Garden in the Fall

Fall is in the air here in the Bay Area. My cucumber plants stopped producing new flowers during the very hot weeks of August so I decided to see if I could get a few more before the cool weather set in. Read more

Do you want to grow tomatoes? Lots of tomatoes?

I’ve been experimenting with pruning the cherry tomatoes in my tower garden — I discovered in early June that the two cherry tomato plants would absolutely take over the tower if they were not seriously pruned. Read more

Aleta’s Tower Garden Cucumbers

Aleta Pritzo was one of my first customers to have a tower garden delivered in April, 2012. She’s been working on “cleaning up” her diet with more healthy foods. Because she was buying a lot of organic produce, Aleta was anxious to start growing some of her own. Read more

My Tower Garden Tomatoes are Growing So Fast!

Look at it now!

The cherry tomatoes seem to be growing 2 or more inches every day. I’m going to rig something up on the top of the tomato cage to give them support so they don’t bend over. Read more

Tomatoes Are Looking Good in My Tower Garden

It’s exciting to see how quickly the tomatoes are looking good in my tower garden now that the weather is consistently warm. I expect the heritage cherry tomatoes pictured here will begin ripening very soon and there are plenty of them on this plant.

One of the frequent questions I hear is, what can I grow in a tower garden? Read more